Coloured Glass Panels
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Coloured Glass

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Product Description

Is your property in need of a modern revamp? At GlassKote™, we offer the very best quality and uniquely developed glasswork.

Artistically-decorated glass panels are used in hotels, restaurants and homes where colour and design play an important role. Glass art allows the artist and decorator to be specific about what they want to achieve. This is also true for offices and enterprise environments where a great finish is crucial to client perception.

The Story of GlassKote™

Back in the 1950’s, a rudimentary colour coating process for glass was developed. After exhaustive testing and much trial and error, the GlassKote™ process was born. The real benefits of the GlassKote™ process are the almost unlimited pallet of colours available and its multitude of applications. The bespoke glass panels are now used as external architectural features of buildings, design features of interiors such as foyers and feature wall trims, splash backs in the kitchen and bathrooms and as a substitute for tiles in wet areas.


The Unique Process

The process utilizes current computer-based colour-matching paint technology combined with a unique additive that can be efficiently applied to almost every type of glass. Add to this a range of textures such as metallic, fluorescent, opaque and translucent along with the ability to screen any graphics onto the glass, and the sky is the limit.


A Rainbow of Options

Safety and durability are paramount when it comes to any building or home. The smallest features can make all the difference. This is certainly the case when it comes to GlassKote™ coloured glass panels which make use of many different types of glass – all of which are safe for almost any setting or need. Panels which require extra durability are constructed from laminated layers of tempered, annealed or heat-strengthened. It is usually toughened glass that is used as it provides additional safety and sturdiness. In addition, it is also more durable and resistant to breakage and general wear and tear.

GlassKote™ offers an almost limitless scope of effects and finishes to an array of glass types creating a world of new and exciting applications. Already, GlassKote™ panels have been applied to architectural elements such as external cladding, internal feature walls, bathrooms, kitchen splash backs and laundry splash backs, glass painted furniture, and signage to mention only a few.


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GlassKote™ glass panel installations are simple, quick and clean compared to other applications and product installations. GlassKote™ applications can be installed by all glass installers, but needs to be installed according to GlassKote™ specifications.

With over forty years of applying many hundreds of patterns, colours and techniques to glass, GlassKote™ is the forerunner in coated glass in the world today. We can develop individual colours and styles and will work with you, your architect, designer or kitchen company to achieve exactly the look you are after. So add extraordinary elegance to any environment – click the link below for your custom GlassKote™ quote.


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