What are balustrades?

So, what are balustrades? Although they can easily be overlooked, balustrades perform an essential role in buildings. By installing them, instant safety is added to areas of height. By carefully selecting their design, they will also add to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

A balustrade consists of balusters – pillars – which are aligned symmetrically on a base and joined at the top to form a balustrade or railing.  Balustrades are therefore made up of a base, a top rail and the balusters or ‘pillars’.  They are used to enclose patios, terraces, staircases and swimming pools, as well as create architectural barriers in other spaces.

Balustrades are mostly manufactured from stainless steel, wrought iron steel, normal steel, wood, glass or a combination of these. Stainless steel is a good option to consider when you want to take the environment into consideration – it is corrosion resistant and durable, along with the ability to be recycled.

When it comes to steel designs for balustrades, customers can customize as they wish, with the option of vertical or horizontal bars or even customized laser cut profiles. Cable systems are another elegant, safe and strong option in the steel balustrade range.

Using wood for balustrades adds warmth to any space and complements the other materials of the balustrades such as glass and steel, well. With wood, especially outdoors, maintenance however needs to be kept in mind.

One of the most popular choices for balustrades are frameless glass balustrades. These have the perks of creating a modern appeal, providing uninterrupted views, allowing light to flood an area, being a wind and sound barrier and adding to safety and security. Various glass thicknesses are available – for interior glass, customers can usually choose between the ranges of 6-8mm preferably toughened glass, and for the outdoors, between 10 – 15mm toughened glass is available.

With the information above, the answer to what are balustrades should be simple.

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