Stained Glass or Back Painted Glass?

Windows, lenses and vases – most of the glass we use is colourless. While this serves its purpose, there’s no need to forget that we have a kaleidoscope to choose from. “Coloured Glass” can easily be referred to as Stained Glass or back painted glass (Painted Glass) but is this correct? In principle yes, however the processes to produce the two finishes vary somewhat. The major difference for each coating is the applications in which it can be used.

Stained Glass has come to mainly refer to the glass used in making artistic windows. The process entails the use of minerals during the manufacture of glass. What makes Stained Glass more spectacular than everyday clear glass objects of colour is simply the way light is transmitted through it, typically used for doors and windows, and a few less mainstream applications, like lamp shades.

Back painted Glass is exactly that, glass with a painted coating. When it comes to interiors, Back Painted Glass has the advantage over Stained Glass in that there is greater scope to express the exact atmosphere you want. Not only is the colour, finish and design choice unlimited, the applications in which back painted glass can be utilised is vast; such as splashbacks and furniture to wall cladding and sprandrels, has brought back painted glass to be a prominent design feature for architects and designers.

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