Red Glass

Red Glass used for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashbacks has long been a preferred choice for architects and interiors designers.

If you were to compare tiles and conventional back splashes, Coloured glass offers an explosion of colour, creating a beautiful upmarket look. The use of glass splashbacks creates a seemless finish even areas that include plugs and cut outs.

Designers and decorators have become custom to the use of coloured glass splashbacks due to the versatility of the applications and the durability of glass. Glass splashbacks are easy to maintain and is more hygienic than conventional tiles.

red glass splashback cape town 1

red glass splashback cape town 2







About these two Kitchen Splashbacks;

Glass specification:

  • 6mm
  • Toughened
  • Extra White (low iron) glass

Colour specification:

  • Red

Both of these projects were installed in Cape Town, South Africa.

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