Mirror Trends

Mirror trends are continuously evolving and the demand for more decorative mirror glass has grown. Typically the common silver mirror was framed, and this gave the finished unit depth. However, the drawback of framed mirrors, due to materials used to frame can be bulky, heavy and limited to colour and design.

Mirrors finishes are available in many colours; like red, blue and green. Very specialized finishes like antique and cracked have become popular mirror trends. Also, illuminated or back lit mirrors have also made an impact to mirror trends.

Ever considered coloured mirrors?

Coloured Mirrors open a creative design channel to allow for contemporary upmarket mirrors; be it in kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas. Coloured Mirrors are less bulky and give a sleek neat look.  Unlimited choice of colour and design this gives, you the customer, an abdundance options.

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example of mirror trends-coloured glass mirror


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