Maintaining a glass splashback

A glass splashback can be the main feature in your kitchen or bathroom. Hygiene is a priority in both these areas and so maintaining your ‘splashback’ is important.

The following tips are good to keep in mind when looking after your splashback:

  • Use the right cleaning cloth.

 Most splashbacks will not appreciate abrasive material used for cleaning so swop a metal scourer for a soft cloth, a microfibre cloth is recommended here. For a streak-free finish, wipe with another dry cloth after cleaning.

  • Use the right cleaning solution

For most splashbacks, all-purpose cleaner, glass/window cleaner, or even stainless steel cleaner should get the job done. Dishwashing detergent and water is another safe option. Harsh and abrasive cleaning products should be avoided to maintain the glass finish.

  • Remove splashes and spills as soon as possible

Getting in to the habit of removing spills and splashes quickly is highly beneficial. Splashes are the easiest to remove when they are fresh and when removing it quickly the risk of staining the splashback is much lower.

After following these simple cleaning tips enjoy the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-clean product!

maintaing a glass splashback