How to measure a glass splashback

Once you’ve decided to go with the elegant option of a glass splashback your first step would be; how to measure a glass splashback. It’s a simple process and you will need the following:

  • A measuring tape (a 3 metre long measuring tape should be sufficient)
  • Pen and paper to record the values
  • Basic understanding of math (we have assisted you here)
    1. Units of measure: millimetre (mm), centimetre (cm) and metre (m)
    2. Area calculation formula

It is best to measure and calculate in metres (m). This is important in your area calculation later. However, in some cases the area may be small. Use the following calculations to convert millimetre (mm) and centimetre (cm) into metre (m):

  • 1mm / 1000 = 0.001m
  • 1cm/ 100 = 0.01m

Measure and record the length and height of your desired size.

To calculate the area (m²) yourself, you will be doing the following sum: length X height

For example:

 glass splashback drawing



Convert your unit of measure into metre (m):

950mm/ 1000 = 0.95m and 400mm/ 1000 = 0.4m

Multiply the length and height: 0.95m X 0.4m = 0.38m²

Once you know your total area, contact a glass supplier and request a quote. Keep in mind you will need have some idea of a colour. Your glass supplier will be able to advise on the correct glass specifications and standards for your application.

After your splashback has been installed, enjoy the pleasing aesthetics of your glass splashback.

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