Glass Sliding Doors

With opportunities, it’s all about getting your foot in the door. Miss the door and you’ll miss the opportunity. There is one door in particular, which you don’t want to miss. Glass sliding doors can add endless elegance to your building.

From the time when sliding glass doors were first introduced by Japanese architecture and later as an element of pre-war International architecture until today, these doors have always had a significant impact on buildings.

Sliding glass doors or patio doors have the advantage over other doors of allowing natural light and views to transform a room. Incorporating these doors in a home or building can improve the sense of space and make an area feel less cluttered. Often used at the entrance of buildings or stores, glass sliding doors are convenient for automatic doors and safety.

glass sliding doors

They usually consist of two glass panels, either one fixed and the other mobile, or both mobile. Other options for these doors include that of the pocket door design which has one or more panels which can slide into wall pockets to bring the outdoors inside, and that of glass sliding doors which consist of various glass panels, able to ‘fold open’. The doors tend to run on smooth-gliding adjustable rollers which can be weather-sealed.

glass sliding doors

When it comes to the glass, you also have options. In terms of the type of glass, toughened glass, which can be up to 5 times stronger than normal glass, 4mm glass or laminated safety glass can be used. An added benefit of toughened glass is that it works well for sound absorption, making it ideal for businesses. When it comes to colour, customers can choose from an extensive range of power-coated colours with the option of either or also having it tinted in a range of colours.

You can’t place your foot in a better open door.

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