Glass Paint

The process of using glass paint to create coloured glass is simple, but you need a specialised coating. If normal paint is used, often the colour coating begins to pull off over time. This becomes risky when a coloured glass panel is fixed to a wall where the chance of the glass falling off is high.

Paint is a key element when decorating and many paint manufacturers produce a paint that can be applied to almost any surface. However, when it comes to painting glass it gets more technical. Due to the chemical makeup of glass the “sticking” or adhesion of any coating on glass is difficult.

Ask your coloured glass supplier the following questions:

  1. What testing has the coating undergone? SABS, our local South African bureau and ASTM are international testing standards.
  2. Has the testing verified performance for Internal and External applications?
  3. What track record does the coating have in South Africa and worldwide?

In this way customers can discern whether they are buying a quality product or a cheap coating.

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glass paint

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