Frameless Shower

As valued time is spent daily in the shower, it makes sense to invest in the best possible fittings for showers. Frameless showers are an excellent option to consider when upgrading a bathroom. They create a modern and clean feel, as well as a more spacious atmosphere.

What’s more is that frameless showers provides an uninterrupted view when showering and is easy to clean and maintain. However keep in mind when cleaning that glass cleaning products are best to use and no abrasive powders or scouring pads to ensure the longevity of the protective layer on the glass.

Frameless shower glass is usually available in a range from 6 – 10 mm toughened glass.  To fit any bathroom, these showers are mostly custom made – the measurements taken from a completed surface to make allowance for any skew floors; therefore minimizing the use of silicone.  Fitting and hardware options include a combination of stainless steel, chrome and solid brass fittings to complete the modern look.

When it comes to the use of silicone it is wise to ask for anti-fungal, clear silicone.  Customers also have the option of using waterproof polycarbonates which can be removed for cleaning and adjustments.

By investing in a frameless shower, shower times are guaranteed to feel all the more luxurious.

Shower times are precious – those moments when it’s just you and the soothing hot water. The day’s hustle and bustle fades as the bathroom fills up with steam. Your pillow seems like the perfect next step. Alternatively, it all happens just before the sun greets you and you desperately need a wake-up shake-up. The type that caffeine can’t fix. As you jump into the warm stream, slumber fades and a spontaneous tune erupts from your mouth.

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