Framed Glass Balustrades

Safety is paramount when it comes to any building or home. The smallest features can make all the difference. This is certainly the case when it comes to balustrades. Balustrades are railings which are erected around areas of height or to separate or enclose a space. A wide range of balustrades are available to suit a variety of styles, one of them being framed glass balustrades.

Framed glass balustrades are ideal to use for patios, staircases, decks, pool fencing, handrails, boundary fences, pool gates, wind breaks and for privacy screens. Using framed glass balustrades have the following advantages:

  • Provide safety around heights or pool areas
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable as they are available in different shapes, styles and colours
  • Can be incorporated into any building including curved buildings
  • Provide a modern and elegant feel
  • Allow for unobstructed views
  • Play a key role in adding to the aesthetics of a home, hotel, apartments or a high rise building
  • Are durable and often made to withstand tough weather conditions

A framed glass balustrade consists of aluminium, stainless steel or wooden frame, glass and steel fixation bolts and nuts. It is best to ask for stainless steel bolts and nuts to prevent rust from harming the product. There is also the option of hidden fixings.

When it comes to the glass, different thicknesses and styles can be installed. Thicknesses range from 6-15 mm and it is advisable to ensure that toughened glass is used. For the style of glass, clear, colour, tinted or obscure glass are the typical options available.

Popular frame options include full height glass frames, edge frames or split rail glass frames. Framed glass balustrades can either be mounted on a concrete slab or fixed on the side of a concrete slab.

Handrails are also a matter of taste as half round, full round and rectangular styles are available.

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