Folding Doors

Fresh air and open spaces – these elements can uplift and transform any living space. Although aesthetically ideal, it is also important to keep safety and weather conditions in mind when opening up a house or building. An ideal option to consider when reconciling open space and fresh air with safety and privacy is that of folding  doors. These doors are the perfect link between indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

Options abound when it comes to the specifications for folding doors. In terms of material, options range from laminated wood to PVC, wood, aluminium, aluminium and wood, as well as incorporating glass with any of these options. Powder coatings in all colours, including popular choices such as natural, bronze and white are also available.

In terms of the opening styles, customers can choose from styles such as inward and outward opening or folding left or right or both ways. The number of panes depending on the size of the space is also up to the customer – pane selections usually range from two to seven panes a side. Various handles are also available which includes the classic lever handle, a modern flat handle and a pull handle.

Glass is mostly used to fill out the frame of folding doors as it adds aesthetic value, allows light in and makes an area seem more spacious. Careful selection of glass is necessary. It is advisable to ask for safety or laminated glass should the folding doors face towards the outside of the house for prevention against burglary or accidents.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the folding doors are weather tight. Most doors have high quality rubber and brush seals, yet some lack seals altogether. To test whether a folding door is water tight, the door can be closed onto a sheet of paper and then the paper should be tried to pull out. If it comes out easily the seals are not water tight.

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