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The coloured glass market is well known to architects, designers, businesses as well as general home owners. Colours, designs and styles are freely accessible on the web, equipping you to make  good decisions for a coloured glass project. There is one element however, that usually contains little clarity: glass prices.

Various factors influence coloured glass prices:

1. Glass Types:

  • Annealed Glass

This glass is standard glass, typically there is a green tinge to the colour of the glass. This is the most cost effective form of glass.

  • Low Iron (Ultra Clear) Glass

This glass type is clear due to the lower iron content. This is the preferred glass type for coloured glass.

  • Patterned glass (glass manufactured with a particular design/pattern)

Patterned glass adds a decorative flair to glass applications

  • Toughened glass (safety glass)

Best used in areas where safety is a priority, like kitchens and bathrooms

coloured glass prices

Annealed and Ultra Clear Glass

2. Colour Finish:

  • Standard (normal solid colours)
  • Metallic (sparkle or metallic effects)
  • Printed (printed designs)
  • Translucent (transparent colours)

    coloured glass prices

Patterned glass with silver metallic

             coloured glass prices

Ultra Clear glass with blue metallic

coloured glass prices

Ultra Clear glass with custom print

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