Aluminium Windows

Time is one of the most precious commodities. Knowing this, it becomes essential to plan daily tasks as well as home maintenance. Wood, although beautiful, can be timeous to look after. Much time can however be saved when considering aluminium windows.

These windows have proven to be a long-term solution for fenestration needs. Making use of aluminium windows has the following advantages:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple operation
  • Customizable in that they are available in various powder coated or wood-look coatings
  • Available in a number of styles with unique opening possibilities
  • Can fit glass of different thicknesses
  • Durable
  • Good insulation for sound and water
  • Available in a range of shapes
  • Security features such as burglar, fire and bullet resistant features can be incorporated to make them ideal safety windows

Aluminium windows are manufactured in various styles including sliding windows, fixed pane windows, projected windows (also known as casement windows or sash windows), arched windows, round windows, double-glazed windows and cottage pane windows.

Projected aluminium windows are a popular choice. This style is available in top-hug or side-hug forms and is identified by panes that swing out from the window’s outer frame. Another popular choice to consider is sliding windows, a good choice for limited space. They are also available in two options: horizontal and vertical.

For alternative options, pivot and tilt and turn windows can be considered. Pivot windows has the advantage over sliding and projected windows in that they allow for a wider opening as they pivot around a single point. They are ideal to use for larger window sizes.

Tilt and turn windows are unique in that they allow the window to either be widely opened in one direction or titled open in the other direction – perfect for rooms where it is better to have windows open inwards.

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